Industrial Pharmacy Advanced Training (IPAT)

35 participants from seven African countries – DR Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda – have to date successfully completed the Advanced Industrial Pharmacy Training Programme, organized by the Kilimanjaro School of Pharmacy (KSP), St. Luke Foundation, Moshi, Tanzania. Sponsored by the global UNIDO project, the trainees were being familiarized with drug development, drug manufacturing as well as regulatory & quality compliance issues. Another 12 participants are currently enrolled in the course and will complete the training in 2012.

Coming from private pharmaceutical enterprises, medicines regulatory authorities and research entities, the trainees included staff from companies that the UNIDO project seeks to assist in their upgrading efforts. The training programme is carried out by KSP in close collaboration with renowned lecturers from Purdue and Howard University, USA. It aims at filling a void on the continent: the lack of a well educated and qualified workforce is among the key factors constraining the growth and development of a local pharmaceutical industry.

IPAT 2012-2014

A new cycle of the course will start in August 2012. The Industrial Pharmacy Advanced Training program provides in-depth training in important aspects of drug development and manufacturing. It consists of the following 4 modules of two weeks each.
1- Drug Discovery
2- Drug Development and Regulatory and Quality Compliance
3- Drug Manufacturing Process (GMP) and API  Synthesis
4- Regulatory Documents and Generic Drug Approval Submissions

UNIDO support

UNIDO will continue to support participants from private pharmaceutical enterprises, medicines regulatory authorities and universities to participate in this important training.