Terms of Reference for Ongoing Evaluations

Independent evaluation of
UNIDO projects US/ANG/08/001, US/ANG/08/002, XP/ANG/08/003, TF/ANG/10/001 –
Technical Assistance for Angola’s Entrepreneurship Curricula in Secondary Schools Programme
PDF (56KB)
Independent end evaluation of UNIDO project TF/MOZ/07/003 - Entrepreneurship development of the youthPDF (74KB)
Independent evaluation of the African (Accelerated) Agribusiness and Agro- industries Development Initiative (3ADI)PDF (191KB)
Independent UNIDO country evaluation in PAKISTANPDF (1MB)
Evaluation finale indépendante. Projet de formation de la jeunesse pour la reconstruction post-conflit et la consolidation de la paix en Côte d'Ivoire (TF/IVC/10/004 - SAP 101078)PDF (163KB)
Thematic evaluation. UNIDO's Public Private PartnershipsPDF (312KB)
Independent UNIDO country evaluation in the RUSSIAN FEDERATIONPDF (496KG)
UNIDO-ADA-AECID-ECOWAS Joint independent mid-term project evaluation. Preparatory and first operational phase of the ECOWAS Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE)PDF (571KB)
Independent evaluation of the UNIDO Trade Trust Fund PDF (233KB)
Independent thematic evaluation. UNIDO's post-crisis interventions. Period covered: 2004-2013

Full version: PDF (416KB)

Summary version: PDF (189KB)