UNIDO Pharmaceutical Production Partnership Platform - U4P

Why U4P?

Trigger 1: Pharmaceutical producers in developing countries and least developed countries (DCs/LDCs) world-wide are keen to enter into partnerships that are fair, honest and designed for a longer term, but lack ready access to such prospective players ‘on the other side of the table’.

Trigger 2: Established pharmaceutical producers in developed and advanced developing countries are interested to partner up with pharmaceutical industries in remote/non-competing markets, but are unfamiliar with the local conditions and practices in such environments.

U4P – What is it?

  • An initiative to enhance the capacities of pharmaceutical manufacturers in DCs/LDCs globally.
  • A mechanism for brokering mutually beneficial partnerships (both North-South & South-South).
  • A framework for the negotiation and conclusion of concrete – business and not-for-profit – partnerships to increase the production of pharmaceuticals in target countries. 

A broad range of partnerships may qualify for brokering under U4P. Areas likely to be included are packaging and distribution, contract manufacturing, licensing, technology transfer, joint venture or other investment. In the not-for-profit or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) realm the provision of training or specific expert advice could be entertained.

UNIDO’s role

As a UN agency, UNIDO aspires to act as an impartial broker to ensure that partnership deals between DC/LDC manufacturers and outside parties are designed, prepared and eventually implemented in a way that

  • Is truly mutually beneficial
  • Results in an increased local manufacture of quality essential medicines in closer proximity to the people in need

How will U4P work?

Detailed U4P operating parameters and modalities are currently being fixed with inputs from both knowledge providers and knowledge seekers. You may contribute to this process by filling in a questionnaire on the right hand side of this page.

Main U4P features are foreseen to include:

  • UNIDO to identify knowledge providers and to solicit support offers
  • Collection and pre-screening/scanning of requests and offers
  • Escorting business talks and negotiations (bilateral/ multiparty)
  • Provision of appropriate ‘meeting points’ for partnership talks (one-on-one, investment/ technology fora, etc.)
  • Tailored coordination and facilitation support for CSR-related initiatives