Mission Statement

UNIDO aspires to reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable industrial development. All countries should have the opportunity to grow a flourishing productive sector, to increase their participation in international trade and to safeguard their environment.

Our Services: Growth with Quality

Growth with Quality means that we continuously improve and grow all our services, which are multidisciplinary and positively transform policies and institutions worldwide.  

We offer solutions: Bring global expertise and experience to address complex development challenges through integrated and high-impact services.  

We are flexible: Differentiate and adapt our approaches and methodologies according to the needs of countries at different stages of development.  

We expand our services: Widen our geographic scope and increase our delivery volume to serve more countries and people.  

We ensure effectiveness: Measure the impact that our services have on development in order to ensure the best possible results.

Our Operations: Delivering as One UNIDO

Delivering as One UNIDO means that we are united in purpose and actions.  

We empower our people: Recognize and develop competencies and knowledge, encourage communication and innovative thinking, strengthen integrity and accountability and reward team achievement.  

We serve our stakeholders: Advance a culture of cooperation, responsiveness and ownership in addressing the needs of all our stakeholders.  

We lead by example: Demonstrate ethical and gender-sensitive leadership, motivate people, promote innovation and work in flexible and cross-organizational teams.  

We manage efficiently: Improve the timeliness and cost-efficiency of all our services and create and use business processes that minimize bureaucracy.